Unknown Actions


when requesting the Bridge via HTTP Api, I cannot get a result for certain actions as the action is unknown.

Same result when requesting the log
{“error”:“unknown action: ‘/log’”}

Please advise.


Hi @Schartz_Philippe !

Could it be you are using the Bridge API with an (outdated) software bridge and not the hardware?
Maintenance endpoints (like /log) never been available for that and new features (like /lock) have not been added after it had been sunsetted.

Dear @MatthiasK ,

many thanks for your return.
What do you mean with software/hardware bridge ? I do have a hardware bridge and via the Nuki Android Bridge App I can get the IP, port etc information.
The hardware firmware is up2date for the smart lock, the opener and the bridge.

Opener 1.6.4
Smart Lock 2.11.8
Bridge 2.9.3

The screenshots were taken via the Nuki Android Bridge App → Android Bridge

This screenshot has been taken via the Nuki Android App → Meine Geräte verwalten → Bridge

PS: I get 2 different IP addresses (and 2 different token, 2 different IDs) but a curl action on the second ip, gets my a timeout.


The Software Bridge (Android App) is outdated and not supported anymore. See here: Update zur Nuki Android Bridge App: Das Ende einer Ära ist auch immer ein neuer Anfang - Nuki

Dear Markus,

thanks for the information.
I managed to access the Hardware Bridge and use the API.



Yes, that’s what I meant: If you have a hardware Bridge best just rely on this, as it has all the updates.


thanks for your help.
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