Unifi / Ubiquity AP connection problem


I use Nuki system since several years.

I used a “old” Apple airport wifi station, all was ok.

I just invest in a complet Unity . Ubiquity system

UDM, Switches and several AP wifi6

I did remove my old Apple Airport

I did create a IOT Vlan network to separate all my IOT devices.

Nuki bridge refuse to connect on it when I try to configure it. It does not want to connect on my “main wifi network” neither.

My IOT wifi network is 2.4 only

I had the same problem last year when I did add a PTLink Mesh system . I could not set my Bridge on it. As I could keept my Apple airport, I used it just for the nuki. Now I have to remove it so I need the bridge to work on the UNIFI

My bridge have Firmaware version 1.19.4

Thanks for your help.

Usually i would say, please contact customer support, but i‘m not sure if they can help at this point because your request is too specific.

Especially because there is no general problem with unifi. We have bridges and Smart Lock 3.0 Pros running in it, without problems. The settings you shared on the screen look fine too. Must be something different. Maybe around VLANs (just guessing).

Thanks for your response.

I did contact them when I tryed to install the Tplink deco.

Their response was that new AP can cause trouble and that I need a old version of AP.

What is “strange” is that I figure out today that my Nuki was connecting on the Unify

what is strange as I always had a error message trying to connect on the wifi

New try and it worked the first time…


I have also problems to connect to my UniFi. I have 3 APs working with my IoT wireless LAN.

Fast roaming is there off.

I don’t have any idea, what could cause the problem. All other devices are working correctly.