Unexpected HTTP 404

I am trying to control a smartlock through the Nuki API, but i get a HTTP 404 response.
My app is posting (HTTP GET) the URL https://api.nuki.io/smartlock/undisclosed
The request contains the authorization property Bearer with the generated API key.
While the URL and API key seem fine, i still get the 404 result.
When posting the URL without authorization in the browser from the save device, i get a proper response.
My app is working fine for other locks, so i wonder what could be wrong for this particular lock.

I assume you mean you try to use GET /smartlock/{smartlockId}?

You should only get a 404 there if the smartlockID used does not exist (i.e. is not connected to a Nuki Web account and therefore no data is stored for it.

Thanks Stephan. Your assumption is correct.
I checked web.nuki.io and the lock can be controlled from there successfully.
Could you analyse the posted HTTP GET to verify what happened? (if I PM the smartlock ID)

You can quickly check yourself if the used ID is listed as a device when calling:

GET /smartlock

If it is listed there, but the call still does not work feel free to DM me the ID, so I can check the known state of the Nuki Web connection.