Understanding callback delays

When Nuki is unlocked it takes up to 6-7 seconds until the HTTP callback is sent. When it is locked it just takes about 3 seconds interestingly.

However, our goal is to automatically disable an alarm system when the door is unlocked. 6-7 seconds is acceptable but not great. It means that the alarm system must have at least a general 10 second alarm delay.

My question is why is this delay so long, esp. on unlock. Nuki is awake anyway and could contact the bridge right away. I guess and hope that there could be done some optimization. Maybe the developers can shed some light on this. Thanks!

Quick question: Do you use “unlock” or “open” (i.e. unlatch) command in those cases?

We use unlock. Thanks.

I also try to set off an alarm but the delay to obtain the new status is too long! Why?

Could you send me a Bridge-log via PM to check?