Unable to use key to unlock the door

I have a Nuki on my front door with a nemef cylinder. The nuki lock is working fine with regards to locking and unlocking the door with the app and fob. However, if I try to unlock the door with the key then the key keeps turning but does not engage and as a result I am unable to unlock the door with the key. If I try to lock it with the key then I can hear the nuki turn and the latch locks. Turning the other side however causes it to disengage again and I not able to unlock.

I have tried removing the nuki and then everything works as normal. The key on the inside and outside rotate together and thus unlocking and locking works as well.

Any suggestions on what is causing this issue as I really want to have the option to use the key to unlock the door

Sounds like a problem with the clutch of your Smart Lock. Please contact customer support through the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

Thanks will do