Unable to retrieve response after sending Request Data command with Keyturner States


I am trying to read lock state of my Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 device but I am not able to recieve any response or data back from the Nuki after sending the first command as in documented in Bluetooth API docs under 1. CL writes Request Data command with Keyturner States command identifier to USDIO.

However I am sending a payload command:
authorization id: 3431670
nonce: dd36204d87a3b7fab5f6d85d875144c970e22b39adb2fbf3
shared secret: b62600cd6528063d0560a7917901ef4f07c89d3c03cf4a66c5496bfa35119267
unencrypted PDATA: f65c340001000c00705e
encrypted PDATA: e2cb4d102524186336e14222023a2a9068d28a90a28cb71b455b
encrypted with appended ADATA: dd36204d87a3b7fab5f6d85d875144c970e22b39adb2fbf3f65c34001a00e2cb4d102524186336e14222023a2a9068d28a90a28cb71b455b

I do not get any kind of error while sending the command to the nuki, but as well dont get any response back from it after the command is obvisouly successfully sent to the Nuki device.

I use the same function for encrypting data to be sent to the Nuki & the commands thate are sent to the Nuki device for lockin/unlocking succesfully executes.