Umet 1133/15 how to make it work

Hi, has anyone and idea why the opener does not react to rings?

This model needs the ring to open the door but I can not select that in the Konfiguration.

Thanks for any help

Hi! Yeah sure can I say it to you, in the Foto is no nuki clamp with the yellow opener wire and the bell wire in it, but this would be the ring circuit, so if the wiring on the Foto is your wiring, it cannot work.

Hi rose, thanks for your help. Ok i get it I put the yellow nuki cable in the clamp but where is the ring cable in this model? I guess they are the red and black cables on the left but those two are fixed on the green electronic board and on the ringer (black round thing)

Hi! The yellow wire in nuki clamp is right, but the bell wire is not one of the two of the speaker, it’s the wire what carry the bell signal from the bell buttons upstairs and downstairs and comes from out of the wall. And thats also the tricky part, your intercom is a digital bus system, so for there can be one of several wirings be the right one, and depends on the original wiring of your intercom! You can maybe sort it out, put the yellow and red opener wire together in one port of the clamp, now take the first wire what comes out of the wall and is screwed to the intercom and put it in the second port of the clamp, and then put the green opener wire on the same screw where you take out the wire of the wall before, and now reset the opener and try generic bus. If something is not right, put the wire of the wall back and the green opener wire out again, and try the same with the next wall wire, - you have four wires, so if you test all four, you should find the right one.

Thank you so much, I will try it out later

A few more thoughts, is it actually necessary to flip the safeguard during the wiring? Is there any risk if I don’t?

And what is meant by generic bus? That I can ring the bell with the app right? Because that was possible yesterday during the configurationprozess but the entrance door downstairs did not buzz so that I was not able to enter the building

Hi! For the safeguard, only not if you don’t touch any cables on blank wires, and depending on the House this would not be the normal safeguard, because this becomes the power from the bell/intercom power source (mostly anywhere in the stairway), what is separated from your personal power circuit! It is not that much power (about 9-24 volts), but you can get a hit from it, and its only one or two wires what have this current! Generic bus means digital bus and that means your intercom works with digital signals, and the second other one is analogue, what means it works with power, - so this means not you can ring the bell from the app, its the basic configuration concept! - You just can ring the opener sounds from the app, and if your opener rings your housebell when opening, you wired the wrong bell cables to the opening circuit of the opener!

Hi rose,

Thanks again for your elaborations.

I tried every combination with the 4 cables like you mentioned but nothing seemed to work.

The best “result” was when brown cable was in the clamp. In the other cases the bell of the flat door was not working - but I heard the sound of the bell randomly from time to time.

If everything is set up correctly I should be able to see in the app when some rung the bell or open automatically (main door below or flat door) but so far I have not seen that/made it work. I only have the bridge and the opener

I bought the nuki because you can only open the main door Infront of the building if someone rings your flat down below. So i have to run to the flat door and try to push the buzzer to open the main door in time. That is only possible if someone rings the main door and not the flat door.

Might it be possible that the nuki is not compatible with my system? All I want is to open the main door when someone rings so that I don’t have to run to the flat door because you can only push the opening buzzer for a short period of time.

That’s the issue! What you wrote means, you have a system what has to be activated before use, what happens when someone rings, after a timer runs and deactivates the system after the time is run down! Please make a Foto of the board, maybe you can use the contact points for a analogue setup!?

Oh just yet I see it! Urmet confused you how much others, because sharing parts! From where you take that your Urmet is a 1133/15?

Can you explain what is meant by analogue setup? Sorry i have two left hands :wink:

So inside it reads DIS 1133-D001.

Googled it and found the 1133/15 which looks like mine, only That the buttons are on the right side and not on the left so I thought it must be the 1133/15

Here you can see it fully. Unplugged because of the random rings that I can’t handle :slight_smile:

I will look at it! In the meantime, please take the counterpart of the intercom and look, there should also stand a model number, which is the right one! Urmet just takes the backplate of the 1133 for many of their intercoms!?

Edit: what do you choose when setup, urmet 1133, or generic analogue, or generic bus!?

I chose 1133/15 for setup but you are right in the counterpart it is DIS1172-D006

Was thinking that! So please reset the opener and make a fresh setup, and choose Urmet1172/D006, if it is not in the list, take generic bus! Let me know, if this changes something, because the 1133/15 is analogue and the 1172/006 is digital, so it can’t work, but now it should work, when choosing the right digital system, on setup!

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Perfect thanks, it is not in the list so I will choose generic (bus) tomorrow and will sort it out again as you mentioned before.

Hopefully it works then :slight_smile:

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I think there should be progress now! Let me know, if there is some change?

Yeah sure, I will keep you updated

I am stuck in the setup process.

Even if push the opening button on my intercom - nothing reacts. Does someone need to ring to activate the opening button on the intercom to set it up?

What have you chosen as intercom, urmet or generic bus?