Typo in the hex data for the Bluetooth API example


I believe there is an error in the Bluetooth API document “Nuki Smart Lock API V2.2.1”, in the section Command usage examples, Perform unlock.


The hex data for the encrypted response to the Challenge command given in the document is:

  • CL receives 99C8613A9F6AB6D3FB0399D37AD38C5C003AC139
  • CL receives B1567BC102000000380028CDCC66C08DA47BF32
  • CL receives 3BF9371EBF068F6D480438563660780A4234D9A2
  • CL receives 3794E305EE37878874EDE106A0BBFCF5B60E0C2E
  • CL receives 2BA17248A02B

The line “B156…” contains an odd number of hex digits. This shouldn’t be possible, since the response should contain an integer number of bytes.

I believe this line is missing a digit “8” after …CC66. The corrected line should say:

  • CL receives B1567BC102000000380028CDCC668C08DA47BF32

With this correction the hex data correctly decrypts using the shared key given in the example.