Turn off boiler/heating after checkout

Hey there,

When guests checkout, they forget to turn off the boiler, and the heating sometimes.
I’m not always around to check, so sometimes I’ll go to the apartment some days later only to find out that the boiler has been on for all those days.

I’d love a way to turn it off automatically if noone is staying in the room, and Nuki should know when someone is in or not, so why not make it smart enough to turn a smart switch off when someone is not in the apartment.

Any ideas?

Has anyone done this already?
Should this be marked as a feature request?
How likely is it to get that feature?


May I suggest, to use a WiFi smart thermostat connected to the boiler. After checkout time has elapsed, and you have a notification that the guest user has checked out indeed, you can remotely check and change the set boiler temp.

Hi Georgios,

thanks for the response.

May I ask where to get that checkout notification from? Does Nuki offer such a thing?

I want to automate things so that I don’t have to check manually every-time my guests check out.

Thanks for the response.

You can enable notifications in the Nuki app, and also connect IFTTT to Nuki account. That way you will be notified whenever someone opens/closes (Smart lock 2.0 needed), unlocks/locks the door from both Nuki and IFTTT. This way after the checkout time and after receiving notification that the door is opened/ closed, you can manually check the status of thermostat and chance the temperature accordingly. Hope this info helps you.

Hi Georgios,

thanks for the response I’ll take a look at the filters ifttt gives me, and see if there’s a way to only run an action at a point that makes sense.

Before doing that I have to find a solution to the following 2 issues:

  1. A closing door doesn’t always indicate that the guest has left
  2. Nuki should also provide all the checkout datetimes otherwise I’m not sure how I’ll be able to calculate if we should turn off the boiler or not (I don’t own a server/db to store that info)

While at it, I have another quick question, I mean to switch on and off the water heating boiler, so I need a switch that’s wifi-ready and can handle loads up to 4000W (~20A) while still giving airbnb clients an easy to use button so that they can heat the water and take a shower. Are you aware of any such hardware that’s not crazy expensive?


  1. Nuki and IFTTT provide with notifications as to which user did any action such as closing or lock the door. Usually in Airbnb cases there is a set time for checkout. Afterwards you can safely turn of central heating or water boiler.
  2. What you need is :
    It is for the exact purpose you are looking for. A WiFi switch 20A for heating water boilers. A guest can turn on/off the boiler using the switch while you can remotely control it whenever you need to. You will also need a junction box to install the switch on the wall but this is also cheap. An electrician can connect the WiFi switch the electric circuit of the boiler.

Allthough I would like Nuki to add an ‘End of Stay’ trigger, I do not think this is something Nuki is responsible for. It is AirBnb that should provide such a trigger. But I think you could solve this as follows:
1: Create a Google account
2: Synchronize this account with the Airbnb calendar
3: Create an IFTTT trigger based on the google Calendar trigger ‘if an event from search for ‘xxxx’ ends’
4: in the then section of the IFTTTT applet call your switch to turn of the heat.