Trying to understand my new products

Installed my new Nuki Combo (Nuki Smart Lock and Nuki Bridge).
Works form app and all seem to works also from Google Home, Alexa, Android smartphone and Galaxy Watch
In my app (and on the web) I can see only the Nuki Smart Lock and I cannot see my Nuki Bridge.
I’m also searching for my Nuki Bridge MAC address, where to find it in app/web/other methods?
At the very first moment very good hardware products a little complicated the app…

Hello! Unfortunately the bridge dont show up there, but you can go into the nuki app - manage devices - bridge - then follow the steps, and then you should find the informations about the bridge, you want.

Thank you, but in the app we need to reset the bridge (press button for 10 seconds …) every time you want some information or test the status of the bridge?

No, this should not reset your bridge, it’s just for establishing a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone (you do the same, when reconnecting a lock to the bridge, it resets nothing, just connecting), - when this resets your bridge, then there is something wrong!?

No, ok may be my fault, when I see “press 10 seconds…” I stopped as I was thinking about a reset procedure, I’ll procede, thanks

No problem! And you are right, in fact at first I was thinking the same, but have learned it, as I had to reconnect some locks and a opener again, that it doesn’t reset, just connect!