Trying to follow the bluetooth API example from your page


i bought a nuki, but i haven’t received it yet, but i thought i’d develop the C code before it arrives to get a better understanding of how it works.

I tried to use the information available after 9. Command usage examples here

I’ll describe all the steps involved in my program for Authorization:

CL sends: 0x0100030027a7

NUKI sends: 0x03002fe57da347cd62431528daac5fbb290730fff684afc4cfc2ed90995f58cb3b749db9

CL sends: 0x0300f88127ccf48023b5cbe9101d24baa8a368da94e8c2e3cde2ded29ce96ab50c159241

NUKI sends (Challenge for authorization authenticator): 0x04006cd4163d159050c798553eaa57e278a579affcbc56f09fc57fe879e51c42df17c3df

CL sends: (Create autorization authenticator payload) 0x0500b09a0d3979a029e5fd027b519eaa200bc14ad3e163d3be4563843e021073bcb1c357

[Both sides have shared key as : 0x217fcb0f18caf284e9bdea0b94b83b8d10867ed706bfdedbd2381f4cb3b8f730**]**

NUKI sends (Challenge for authorization data): 0x0400e0742cfea39cb46109385bf91286a3c02f40ee86b0b62fc34033094de41e2c0d7fe1

CL sends (create authorization data payload): 0x0600c8dd9f1a75de7a09100dcef9745b350d4005f54c682f5edbc08251d8cef04a2e027b93c65f4f70656e204e756b6920466f62203546433639333742202020202020202020007b93c65f7b93c65f7b93c65f7b93c65f7b93c65f7b93c65f7b93c65f7b93c65fae5b

NUKI sends (Authorization-id command):
CL receives 07003A270A2E453443C3790E657CEBE634B03F01
CL receives 02F45681B4067background-lightgreen1D46E6E15EDF0200000083B3
CL receives 3643C6D97EF77ED51C02A277CBF7EA479915982F
CL receives 13C61D997A56678AD77791BFA7E95229A3DD34F8
CL receives 7132BF3E3C97DB9F
Authorization-ID: 2

This is where it gets a bit tricky, because as you can see, there’s a bit of text i think it doesn’t belong there:
background-lightgreen .

I removed that, and i think its missing 4 bits, because 0x0700, takes 2 bytes, after that we must have 32 bytes for the authenticator , that means the Authorization-ID starts at byte 34 . That is not possible on your example;

So i guessed the 4 bits and came up with:

Can you clarify if my line of thought is correct until now?

I have one more doubt but i’ll leave it for a reply bellow.

Thank you very much .

Please can you tell me how did you creat your authenticator for authorization data playload

I can’t remember, as i’ve written the code half a year ago, but i can share the code base with you if you want .

I halted the project, but i intend to finish it. Its supposed to enable ESP8266 to interface with the nukis.

P.S.: Their documentation on key exchanges seems to have typos, so don’t rely on it for testing purposes. Better to have the real thing to work with.

Yes, unfortunately there has been in error in the latest version of the documents here and this should be replace by

I quickly fixed this and will recheck the documents in detail regarding further issues for an upcoming update.