Trigger Alexa routine via Nuki Opener doorbell capture & RTO activation

Since Nuki now does support routines: Is it now possible to use a doorbell ring, captured by the Nuki Opener as trigger for a routine in Alexa, e.g. to play a doorbell sound?

Is it possible to activate “ring to open” via Alexa?

Yes, this is possible, but you would have to test out if the latency is low enough for your usecase.

You can not use “unlock” requests for locks as actions in routines per default. So no, this is not possible as it would be only usable if it is the default “simple unlock” lock action mapped to the device.

Hi Stephan,

thanks for the quick response! I’ll test it out to see, if the latency is low enough. I see in Alexa three trigger states for the Opener, which appears as a smart-lock type device. These states are “locked”, “unlocked” and “blocked”. Which of them is mapped to the door bell ring?

All you say and more I found a way, but I am afraid to tell someone, because this can cause security breaches, when you can unlock without to have saying a code, or automatically activate ring to open! In my case when I come home, the Geofence activate ring to open, and when I ring and ring to open opens the door, I use it as trigger for automatically unlock both of my nuki locks, so that when I come out of the elevator, the door is already unlocked, and I just have to go in, and the door sensor locks again after I closed the door! - This and much more is very convenient, but I think you see, how unsecure this can get when not used wisely!

is there now a possibility to transfer a ring to Alexa in the opener ?

The added value for the opener as a bell extension would be great. I know enough people who would buy the opener just for it

Hi! Sorry I don’t fully understand what you mean!? Do you want, when someone rings that the opener gives this then further to Alexa, because this and much more is possible!

so the opener is supposed to trigger the following on the Echo devices when someone rings.

Playing a ringtone on each Echo device
Switching on certain lamps in a certain color tone.

To do this, the opener would have to have a trigger for Alexa routines when someone rings.
But here in Germany there are only


which makes no sense for an opener !

Ok I understand. I do all this stuff with ifttt, it is very easy to setup, and free up to 3-Applets, and is fully compatible with the opener and locks. Actually, there is a Applet from IJPUK-Solutions what does exactly what you want, but also a few other ways to do this with ifttt are possible, - you have to look what suits you most. Take a look at it, I have very much extended my possibilities with the nuki system with it, its worth a try.

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So I’m supposed to fix the inability of the Nuki Skill by an external solution from another manufacturer, because the Nuki programmers are not able to implement a simple trigger for the Alexa Skill ?

Too bad, that’s not a solution for me, I guess I’ll continue to hope that Nuki will get a grip on things themselves :frowning:

You are supposed to do nothing, - my message was meant to just show some possibilities, nothing more or else!? And this is the false way to do this, you would have to write this in feature requests section or making a support request, because here normally the people show for solutions to their specific issues with nuki products.

The proposed way would suggest that the Nuki Opener would have a trigger for a ring, but this is NOT the case.
There are only these 3 triggers :


where the first two probably have to deal with the geofence of the home zone and the last one should be an error message !

Or do I overlook a trick on how to create a ring trigger?

Hi! Because of that I mentioned ifttt, because it have this triggers, - please see picture!

Edit: I don’t know how you are with programming with api’s, but with the Nuki-Api you can also do all this and more (all what nuki devices can do)!

so now I’m really shocked.

Nuki provides these functions for developers and is not able to use them in their own skills ?!?

That was it for me with this product, time for a hardware replacement

I mean they provide the api what gives all the functionalities, and is also available for anyone to use, but you are right, they would have to implement this also on the alexa-skill!

Following up on this thread. Is it now possible to trigger Alexa natively via a Door Opener “ring”-event to play a “door bell ring sound”? Someone rings the door, Alexa plays a sound, without having any (potential unsecure) 3rd party tools involved.

That is also what I would like t know.
It is vital to have Alexa ring once Opener got a signal from the doorbell - since I cannot hear the doorbell in all rooms. Having an echo ring, would be great