Trigger action on Alexa when door opens

Hello, is there a possibility to trigger an action on Alexa when the door opens?
Apparently the Alexa’s skill for Nuki does not support triggers.

Alexa only allows limited use of devices certified in the “Smart Lock” category within routines.

In practice, this means that only the “lock” action can be used as an “routine action”. All other options (smart lock as a trigger / unlock as an action) are unfortunately disabled for us.

Well, I’ve quite easily managed to let a Nuki door open event trigger an action on Alexa through IFTTT, so bad decision of Amazon disallowing the direct connection.

Is there a chance to distinguish different kind of openings, e.g. opening with the key (from outside) vs manually opening without key (with the handle from the inside)?

This is currently not doable as the Smart Lock only registers the turning but has no way to distinguish from which side it is done.

I see that IFTTT distinguished between manual key/knob unlock, manual button unlock and automatic unlock, so I assume manual button opening is always from the inside (no button outside) and locked-manual key/knob is always from the outside (no key inside and knob doesn’t open a locked door). It’s not everything but it’s more than nothing.

The problem is that the connection IFTTT/Alexa is quite unreliable: I get some huge delays (say more than one minute in 10-20% of the cases) and in few cases the trigger doesn’t reach Alexa at all.

Do you know whether IFTTT is draining battery to poll over the bridge or whether the bridge porxies the lock status or whether it calls back IFTTT?

Yes, we can distinguish someone pressing the button (which can obviously only happen form the inside). Still we don’t know if the knob is manuall turned (inside) or the key is turned (outside).

For IFTTT we also consider that a lock’n’go action means somebody is “leaving” and an Auto Unlock action means somebody is “coming home”.

But as written above you can’t even use that information directly in Alexa routines (as it is not allowed for a Smart Lock). And going through IFTTT you will always have the risk of a delay. (Battery drain would be no issue though as IFTTT is going through the Web API).