Too many notifications with airbnb integration


Airbnb integration creates code for guest with correct check-in dates and times.
I configured an automatic message to be sent to the guest 3 days prior arrival.
The problem is that whenever a change occurs to the reservation, the same message (with the same code) is sent again to the guest.
I would like to avoid sending this message each time a change occurs in the reservation because it’s irrelevant (the code has already been sent).
Would be great to fix that or at least have an option to deactivate this.

Best regards,

hi Nicolas,

Yes it makes sense not to send out the email again if the codes are not changed.
We’ve already made note of this to the list of improvements to the service.
It is only a matter of to time to make this change.
Thanks, much appreciated for your feedback.


Good to know :+1:
Being able to api-trigger sending the message would be a good addition as well as configuring a message template :wink:

Thanks, these are in our product roadmap. Feel free to put it on our feature requests here to fetch more votes. Feature requests - Nuki Developers