To pairing Bluetooth problem

Hi, In recent days, I have also installed several NUKI smart locks 2.0. Some were great, I was able to pair it with both FOB and Keypad, and some with Bridge. However, some smart locks failed to connect to the Keypad. I install the smart lock, the installation is done fine, and then when I want to pair it with the Keypad, I get the error message that: “To pair the devices you have to be connected via Bluetooth” I don’t understand why this is, since the devices are there for approx. 10cm apart. Where I experience this error, there is another error: I cannot manage the smart lock, also referring to a bluetooth error. “To administer your Smart Lock you have to be in Bluetooth range” I attached a screenshot of each error. I want to ask for help, what could be the problem? It is 100% certain that all devices are within bluetooth range.

Please contact our support via Support Form - Nuki or as this is an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.