(Tiny request) Add 2 seconds option to opening delay

Product name

Nuki opener


Adding ‘2 seconds’ option to the opening delay option.


Adding ‘2 seconds’ to the selection list


Currently there’s is 1 and 3 seconds (and above). My opener doesn’t work at 1 second delay but does at 3. I know it’s only a second difference but in the long run it adds up. I think in the lower range it’s nice to have more options to choose from. You could also change that menu to be a “+” / “-“ buttons to increase or
Decrease delay


One second less wait time at the door adds up in A lifetime :slight_smile:

Any thoughts ? Seems pretty easy to implement @MatthiasK or @Juergen

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While feature request are very helpful for us to collect ideas and priorities from our community, we can not give any updates on our planned roadmap for new features.

I really wish you will consider this. Seems so easy to implement (and you have the screen real estate for it too). Must be more people who could use 1 second back in their life :slight_smile:

Just trying to revive this. Surprised it hasn’t been implemented with the new updates in the app. Would be faster to implement than to reply to this message @MatthiasK @Juergen :pray: