Time limited user doesn't automatically deactivate

It seems to me that once a user reaches the end of the allowed access, the profile does not deactivate. I had a friend stay from May the 29th to June the 2nd and I gave access. Today is the 5th and when I checked I saw the user was still active and with locking enabled, yet the Time-limited access clearly shows the dates.

Am I understanding this wrong? Should I still manually deactivate them? What is the point of a Time-limite option, then?

Correct, they are not deleted automatically which gives you the option to reenable it again without having to invite the person again. I.e. the digital key is temporarily suspended.

There is a feature request in the feature request section about adding an auto delete flag that deletes the key upon expiry. You can search and vote for it.

Uhm, I didn’t write deleted, I wrote deactivated. When I do it manually they are listed in a darker grey, while those stay white, looking like they could still open the door if they tried. If they can’t, they should be visually distinct from those that can.

Ok, got it. That would be a new feature request. At least i’m not aware of one existing for greying out timed out users.