Time limit doesn't work with API

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to create a key with time-based access.
While the key is being created (I’m getting a 204 response code and see the user in the UI) - the time-based values are not added or activated (Sun-Thu from 8am to 7pm).

Here’s my request payload:

    "api_endpoint_url": "https://api.nuki.io/smartlock/<deviceID>/auth",
    "name": "<string>",
    "remoteAllowed": true,
    "smartActionsEnabled": false,
    "allowedWeekDays": 121,
    "allowedFromTime": 480,
    "allowedUntilTime": 1140,
    "accountUserId": <accountUserId>,
    "enabled": true

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Anyone? :frowning: