Time delay of Nuki Status

Hallo zusammen (ich hoffe, deutsch ist OK),
ich habe mein Nuki 2.0 nit Bridge erfolgreich im Einsatz, allerdings stört mich ein Umstand:
Ich würde gerne meine Alarmanlage über mein Smart Home System (Light Manager Air von JB Media) vom Nuki schalten lassen und zwar “Alarm aus” bei regulärer Türöffnung. Dazu habe ich einen Callback an die IP-Adresse meines Air eingerichtet und der übernimmt die “Alarm aus”-Funktion.

Das klappt zwar alles ganz gut, allerdings gibt es offensichtlich eine nicht unerhebliche Zeitverzögerung zwischen der Aktion des Nuki (Aufsperren) und dem Callback an den Air. Das dauert manchmal bis zu 20 Sekunden. Da aber die Tür sofort nach dem Aufsperren aufspringt würde die Alarmanlage durch ihren Magnetkontakt an der Tür sofort auslösen.

Eine Zeitverzögerung in der Alarmanlage von 20 Sekunden oder mehr ist keine Option.

Wie kann man erreichen, dass die Status schneller weitergegeben werden?

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i have my Nuki 2.0 nit Bridge successfully in use, but one circumstance bothers me:
I would like to have my alarm system switched off via my Smart Home System (Light Manager Air by JB Media) by the Nuki. For this purpose I have set up a callback to the IP address of my Air and it takes over the “alarm off” function.

This all works quite well but there is obviously a considerable time delay between the action of the Nuki (unlocking) and the callback to the Air. This sometimes takes up to 20 seconds. But since the door jumps open immediately after unlocking, the alarm system would be triggered immediately by its magnetic contact on the door.

A time delay in the alarm system of 20 seconds or more is not an option.

How can you ensure that the statuses are passed on more quickly?

Thanks a lot!

I’ll keep the answer in english so that everybody can follow. I hope this works for you.

The speed of call backs has improved with firmware version 2.7.x of the Smart Lock. -> Make sure that yours is up to date.

However, the problem you face will always be that a callback is triggered after a lock command is finished. If you use the “unlatch” (Tür öffnen) command to unlock the door, this will be after the latch is released, which is always too late in your case, because the door is already open at that time.

Only solution for this is to unlock the door before you unlatch it and use the unlock callback to switch off your alarm system. In the Nuki App you could use the swipe gestures to quickly access the functions (e.g. swipe left = unlock, swipe right = unlatch). If you use Auto-Unlock you could use the expert settings in order to trigger the “unlock” when you enter the geofence and unlatch when you’re in front of the door (Smart Lock gefunden).

Hi Jürgen,

many thanks for your quick reply. Software 2.7.30 is installed. Nevertheless I will try your recommendations.

Is there any chance to check wether the delay is coming from the transfer Nuki --> Bridge or Bridge --> Smart Home System?

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You can use the /log command of the bridge API in order to have an extended log with timestamps.

Hi Jürgen,

I tried the workaround yesterday and it works perfect! The 100 m distance of the geofencing is perfect in my situation, when I enter my street Nuki is opening but doesn’t pull the latch, the alarm system is turned off and when I reach my house and the door Nuki pulls the latch.
In case that there are some problems with geofencing just nothing happens so the door will remin locked, showing me that Alarm is still on. In this case I can easily turn Alarm manually off and open Nuki via mobile phone or Fob.

Just another question in this context:
we are two persons in my home, each with an own mobile phone and Nuki app installed. Does Nuki recognize if one of these two mobiles is still within the geofencing range? If we would set the option in “Leave Geofencing” to “Lock the door” will this apply if ONE of us is leaving or only if BOTH would be out of geofencing range?
Thx id advance!

modified the headline to english and also translated my first post!

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No. This is the “lock when last user leaves” feature, for which you can vote here:


You mentioned that callbacks are only fired after the action happened. Does this also apply to Opener? I’m asking because it feels like the ring is only transmitted after the RTO event is complete and the door opened which can take many seconds.