The Unlock command opens the door(unlatch)?!

my Nuki lock started to act strange. When I unlock the door it also holds the latch for 1s.
Lock settings:

  • door fitting: Lever
  • Unlatch duration: 1s (Can’t disable that even if “Lever” door fitting is selected ?!)
    That never happened before. Did you break something with the latest update?

Actually door calibration helped. But why did that happen?

Looks like the lock lost its position and therefore went too far when opening the door. This is usually an individual problem which needs analysis of the logfiles/protocol to identify the root cause (if this is possible at all). Make sure to use the latest firmware.

Thanks for the info. I’ll see if it will happen again and then report the problem with logs.

Any way to totally disable the Unlatching functionality?
I don’t want the door to open, just to unlock

No. Unlatch is always there as a function, but somehow hidden in the bottom sheet of the App as it needs a second swipe up when you set the Smart Lock to have a handle at the outside of your door.

The unlatch function could proove helpful in case you ever have problems with position loss or malfunction of the Smart Lock as it does not rely on the internal position sensing of the Smart Lock and drives the motor against it hits the “end” in the unlock direction.

My door is not totally balanced, so if unlock is followed by unlatch, the door stays open and doesn’t lock back successfully on it’s own.
When entering the house from the front door, which doesn’t have Nuki installed to it, the side door is auto unlocked and gets open as well…

hi - sorry for bringing this up again. but i’m keep running into this issue each time i have a power outage / take of the battary for cherging.
does anyone have a solution for this ? i have a dog, and each time the door opens, instead of just be open it unlaches

I think you can avoid this behavior, when you re-insert the battery and perform a complete locking and unlocking procedure. this way the lock knows it’s current position which it loses, when you pull the battery.