Tesla Stropkov 2-BUS compatibility

Hello all,

I would like to ask if somebody has success with this type of intercom’s protocol?

Tesla Stropkov 2-BUS is whole product line of different intercoms, but all of them use the same protocol (the internals of the protocol can be seen here: http://www.teslastropkov.cz/katalog/ddz/audiosystemy/2-BUS-AUDIOSYSTEM/2bus-audiosystem.htm).

I already found a similar topic about this type of intercom here on forum (Tesla Stropkov 4FP 211 23 compatibility), but it seems unsolved.

I already tried everything from the method to connect to unknown intercoms, but it always ends the same way. Nuki is able to detect the bell but it always fails when Nuki should open the door.

This intercom protocol is very common at least here in Czech Republic, so it will be great if I can somehow help to make it working.

Thank you, Tomas

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Hi Tomas,

did you manage to connect the Opener via BUS?


Hi guys, I ve jsut received my opened and was trying to figure out how to wire it to the intercom. I have a Tesla Stropkov 2-BUS too. I am in Cheb :slight_smile: Did you made it work finally ? what was the wiring ? Thanks in advance.

Hi Tomas,
I hope you’re doing well.
Did you manage to make it work somehow ?
Thx for your feedback.

Hello guys,

sorry for my reply.

No, I’ve tried everything without success.

With all Tesla 2-BUS devices you need to first pick up the call to be able to open the door. You literally can’t open the door without holding the receiver in hand.

Any success on your side?

Thanks, Tomas

Hi guys, any update here, did you manage to work witg Tesla 2BUS system?

Hi guys, I am also from Czech rep, I have also Tesla. However, I have tested that I can ring the buzzer without picking up the phone… so… maybe it could work. I am hesitating whether to order the Opener…

Hi guys,
It worked for me finally.
No need for me to use the buzzer from Nuki. The one from Tesla was working fine. I simply wanted to have the possibility to open the main door of the building without any key and that way being able to grant access to family or friends when needed.

Hello Honza,

amazaing news, can you please share your solution with us. My Opener is still gathering dust in my closet, so it would be nice to use him for something much more useful :slight_smile:

Thanks, Tomas

Hello Tomas,
Hm unfortunately I sold the apartment few months ago and cannot retrieve any pictures of the wiring.
I had the Tesla, the Opener, the smartlock, and the Bridge.

But basically.
When someone was ringing, the Tesla buzzer was ringing, not the Nuki one. I was able to talk to the person downstairs and open the door using the push button of the Tesla.

In the meantime, from the Nuki App, I was able to access both the Opener + the Smartlock using the 4G/mobile Network (I was out of the bluetooth range)
Opener was connected to the same wires as the push button of the Tesla. No need to “answer to someone ringing” which was perfect in my case.

So it was a partial solution that may not satisfy everybody, but in my case it was enough.
Hope this helps.


Hi, anybody has been successful with connecting the Nuki ooener to the Tesla intercom?