Terrible app smart-lock status/open speed

Since some time the App is terribly slow in getting the status of the smart lock and hence being able to open the lock.

It isn’t the bluetooth connection. I get a bleep from my phone that I am in reach, but after opening the app, I have to wait the greater part of a minute, sometimes 45 seconds, before the lock shows it’s status and I can press Open.

The connection test screen is also very quick in showing I have a very good connection through the bridge and a good connection through bluetooth, but the status of the lock still takes a lot of time to show.

I also have an opener. The opener was always very slow, but now the smart lock even beats the opener in the time it takes to present its status.

Is there anything I can do about this? Could it be faulty firmware and/or would reinstalling the app help?

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The App always uses the connection via the bridge, if it is available. Turning off either BLE or switching the phone in flight mode and turning on only BLE, will tell you if BLE or the communication over the bridge is the problem.

If communication over the bridge is the problem you could try to reposition and restart the bridge and check if the situation improves. If it is BLE, check if your Smart Lock is part of the service program.

For further help please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information, because this forum is focused on developer related issues.

I had the same after the update to ios16.
Restarting the bridge resolved the issue.

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Restarting the Bridge solved the issue. I hope this won’t happen again, because it defeats the purpose of remotely being able to open your frontdoor, if you have to go home to restart the bridge…

Maybe @Juergen , the Bridge needs to have the possibility for a scheduled restart, like once a day at a chosen time? Or a WatchDog for an automatic restart when the connection with the Nuki Web has been broken for some time along with the possibility of a remote restart for when there is a connection but the Bridge malfunctions.

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