Temporary User management for Short rental use

Product name

web.nuki.io Smartphone app


we get one email with the code. if we miss that email, it’s quite tedious to search for the customer’s temporaly code in web.nuki.io
Why not having a faster access to those codes, for example when you are with the guest in front of the door: just open your smartphone app and get the codes “fast”


Owner, Manager should be able to see the temporary guest much faster. For example in the web.nuki.io: the codes should be seen with out the need to edit the preferences.


it’s not very professional to have to search for long when your customer has lost the codes.


Just have a fast access to the customers code in the app and in web.nuki.io.
Don’t forget: some Owner have got the SmartLock installed, but aren’t as fit as the developper and professionals. A shortcut to that should make life easier.