Temporary disasslowance for users?

you can grant users temporary access by restricting the timeframe
but can you also freeze the access for certain usually full-access-users for a defined periord of time? (w/o having to delete and reimplement ofc)
eg while you are on holiday or after a dispute

Hey Ronnan,

Yes, you restrict existing users. Navigate to the settings for your device, tap on Manage users and select the user you want to restrict. Now you can temporarily disable the user or specify time-limited access.

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thx for the fast reply!
In the manage users area it indeed shows the users as “active”, wich indicates, it could also be inactive. But i dont see any option to do that.
The only options are:
allow closing
timed-limited acess
delete user

This is what you are searching for. Wording is more obvious in Nuki Web, but in fact this does deactivate the user (while keeping the settings).

This can only be done manually though, so you can not deactivate for a set period of time, but have to manually activate the user again.

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ah, thx!
thought closing would not include opening