Temporarily enable Auto-Unlock even without leaving area

Product name

Nuki Smartlock 2.0


Sometimes you go only short distance from lock (not leaving auto-unlock area), and still want auto-unlock to fire when you get back to door.


New action on lock button press - for next 5 mins, if user gets away from lock (now away to leave the area around lock, only to loose bluetooth connection), and then gets back, trigger auto-unlock.


Usable for going to basement, or pick up delivery.


I call this idea “pizza mode”. Imagne you live in apartment building, let’s say 5th floor. Now, pizza is delivered to building’s door and they call you down. So you go out of your apartment and close the door behind you. Go down to basement, pick up your pizza or PPL package or whatever. At this moment, you only went down, so your location didn’t change at all, only bluetooth connection with lock is lost. Now you go back up to your apartment. And you have to manually unlock the door. It would be great if you can configure the single or double button press to new action, “pizza mode” or “delivery mode”, which would behave exactly the same as lock’n’go with auto-unlock, only with this action, the auto unlock would work with bluetooth connections lost/restored, instead of location far/near. That way it will auto-unlock my door when I return from picking up delivery…

I have a couple more szenarios when you want an auto unlock without leaving the GPS fence:

  • taking out the trash
  • going into the cellar to get some stuff
  • picking up a parcel from the neighbor

In these cases I would have needed the auto unlock already many times! :slight_smile:
And I always have my smartphone with me as a trigger (for bluetooth).

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Furthermore I would like to add that while I am not leaving the gps geofencing area I am definitely getting out of bluetooth range of the Nuki Smart Lock and the Nuki Bridge and also out of range of my wifi network. Hence this could be used as a reference to when to activate the temporary auto-unlock feature.

I like your idea! It could also be implemented with for example a tripple button press to activate this feature.

Please also check out my feature request. It accounts for a similar problem, what do you think about my idea?