TalkBack support for dragging actions

Product name

Nuki Android app (don’t know if it is the same for IOS)


Blind users cannot lock/unlock the smart lock by dragging the smart lock in the app, so it might be good if it was possible for screen reader users.


It is possible to lock or unlock the door by dragging the desired smart lock on left or right.
I am blind so I use TalkBack, the Android provided screen reader.
I tried to lock or unlock my door using this way without success.
Could it be possible to be able to use dragging actions with screen reader?
I don’t know if the situation is the same on IOS as I have not any IOS device to test with.


For the moment, it is still faster to use a key to unlock a door for a blind user and in this way, it is less things we have to do.
When in the street and some cares are passing, it is even harder so the less manipulations we have to do, the better it is because of the noise.


Even if using auto-unlock looks like the best solution, there are some situation when auto-unlock is not applicable, for example when leaving the house not enough fare to be able to use auto-unlock.