System Door Closer - HW accessory suggestion

Product name

Smart Lock, Door Sensor


Automatic motor-driven door opener/closer controlled by Nuki system events.


The basic idea: a device which can be independently configured to physically open and close the door.
There are two types of use case of “door open” operation: 1. Door actually opening ajar and 2. Unlatch the door but require a physical human action to actually open.
Whatever deliberate/unwanted action resulted in the open door, the closer would be able to close it.
This would be nice to be controlled by Nuki system. Positive side effect: absolutely reliable door sensor.


  1. Risk of unwanted remote opening of the door. If this risk is (wisely) mitigated by a simple door closer (or otherwise: in my case using strong magnets), it may be annoying in safe situations when the user is present. Even in case of unwanted door opening, the closer would close it on demand/after a delay.
  2. Now the door sensor has inherent limitation: if the door latch is pulled but door actually remain closed or nearly closed, the opening is not detected or is detected unreliably.


I want the door to fully open in situations: 1. coming home, hands full of shopping, 2. kids in front of the house coming home, me on the balcony, 3. other situations when the precise time of the user approaching door is uknown.
I want the door “invisibly” open and require pushing in the situations when I’m in a remote location or anyway when I want to be on the safe side.
I absolutely want to be able to remotely close the door.

As far as I can tell the Siegenia KFV Genius lock which is part of the Smart Door system does support integrating with the GEVE door closers.

If one of these or similar can operate as both an opener and closer then it would do your solution.

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