Syncing code updates takes a while

Hi! I am trying to create and delete access codes via Nuki Web API, but apparently syncing takes a lot of time. I have deleted a code via my Nuki App on Mobile, I checked the app and the code doesn’t show anymore. However, when I call API endpoint I still see that the code exists and therefore I cannot create any other authorisation with the same code. It’s been half an hour since deletion and I still cannot do it. What is the SLO for the updates to be synced across all the interfaces?

Still observing the issue, 2 hours later. The API shows that the code exists, but it is not shown in the app.

User & acccess code changes done in the App are only synced once per day back to Nuki Web or if you manually trigger a sync in Nuki Web.

Nuki Web (and the webAPI) are made for users that mainly use this interfaces to administer the Smart Lock.

I have tried to delete existing auths via API via the below 2 endpoints, but it’s been hours and I still see them listed when I use GET endpoint.


Is there any synchronous way to delete auth so that after deletion I can confirm it doesn’t exist anymore?

Also what is the ETA for the asynchronous deletion? It seems like waiting hours/days is way beyond reasonable.

Just checked now again, but it is still not removed. Am I doing something wrong? When I send the DELETE request, I am receiving 204 No Content and “ok:true”

The daily sync in Nuki Web ensures that the changes done in the app are synced to Nuki Web once a day, or if you manually sync it (“Update now”) when you select a device in Nuki Web, it is synced. The endpoints that you mentioned are right.

And of course, you could also try sync via the API using the endpoint POST /smartlock/{smartlockId}/sync but only sync devices if necessary as this can drain the battery of the Smart Locks.

Thank you for getting to this 2 months later. In my case the sync clearly didn’t ensure that, since as I posted days later the deletion was not reflected. Are there any guarantees from Nuki on the API to be working? It doesn’t seem feasible to debug issues with 2 months communication delay.

My apologies for not responding in time on the Dev Forum. For immediate support, feel free to reach out to the Customer Support team. If you still need any more support, please write back. Thanks.

Does Customer Support actually help with the API usage? I remember last time I reached out to them they mentioned that they don’t provide API support and that I should be seeking for it in this forum. I am just curious if there should be any expectations from my side for the APIs to be supported, because if things get broken I need to be able to rely the issues can be addressed promptly. And if the support here is on the best effort basis without any guarantees and ETAs it is hard to rely on that.

If you see that the API is not functioning correctly, then you can reach out to the customer support to report the bug. The Developer Forum is the place where you can address all development related questions, and most often, the responses are in a few hours to few days either by us or any other developer on the forum. To focus on the issue that you reported, are you still facing the issue with syncing the codes or it was resolved?

It was not resolved. I had to remove the lock since it didn’t serve my purposes without API working and I couldn’t get any support on why it was not working. Now it collects the dust on the shelf.

Hi Mikhail,

I’m not sure if you used a manually generated API token. If you did, you could try using the Advance Web API which are returning webhooks for asynchronous processes. For more details, you can refer: Nuki Developers