Switching from Nello on Bticino T1550 intercom

Hi there,
I’m trying to get nuki to work on a Bticino T1550 intercom
I was using a Nello Door Opener before with a 2 cable configuration and at least the door opener function worked well - the important feature

Ring to open is almost annoying since we got 2 dogs & won’t animate them to start barking

The configuration worked terrible for me , at least it stopped my intercom working
One out of 10 trys worked out and there was nearly one moment the door was opened after ring to open configuration

There are 28V- on Bus 1 and 28V on Bus 2 on my multimeter but my ring and door opener are not working anymore :sweat_smile:
Is there a way to use only the nuki opener without my Bticino? There’s almost a button to open my door and since we can get a push on our phones or set a ifttt action we keep able to recognize when someone rings

Could someone please help me out ?
I really wanna keep the opener and not sending it back :neutral_face:

Falls jemand ein ähnliches Problem hat :

Neue Gegensprechanlage installiert da die vorherige bei der nuki Installation beschädigt wurde

Nun eine Bticino 344292 installiert und nuki opener mit minimal Verkabelung angeschlossen (schwarz auf Bus- & rot auf Bus+, generic Bus (Bticino) ) , da offiziell nicht supported

In meinem Fall schwarz auf Bus 1 und Rot auf Bus 2, vorab mit multimeter kontrolliert um mir einen erneuten Elektriker Einsatz zu sparen

Öffnen funktioniert und Ring to open funktioniert

Have I understood right, that you find annoying the ring sound when ring to open is used!? Because you can set when ring to open is active, no ring should be to hear, so when someone rings and ring to open is active, just the door will open but no ring will be sound until ring to open is inactive again!

it was annoying to tap “ring to open” , wait until my opener responds and then ring , to - eventually- open my door

And my ring sound wasn’t muted as mentioned above, probably it’s my (previous) intercoms fault , but now with a new intercom I’m kinda scared to try it again as it isn’t listed as compatible and I can open my door with the basic “two wires method”. TBH, I can’t pay another electrician for installing a third intercom :sweat_smile:

Nello was really more fun two install and got more features working with the simple installation with also only two wires in my specific case

But I like that you answer, maybe I can find a installation solution with your help?
E.g. I like to get a notification if someone is ringing …

Cheers :v:

I am glad when I can help! Can you make picture, of the current intercom wiring?

Nuki black wire on 1Bus(-) and nuki red Wire on 2Bus(+)

I think there should be a possibility to get this to work, please say me what on the yellow stickers on the cable stands.

Try this, - blue wire of opener in the block where a yello wire is now in the intercom (both together), and the purple opener wire in the block where the red cable is in the intercom (both together) , then take the nuki clamp and put the red and yellow wire of the opener together in one block (so that the second remains free), then take the Black wire out of the intercom block 2 (bus +) and put it in the nuki clamp, now take the green opener wire and put it in block 2 (bus + where you taken out the Black before), after this put the plug of the opener wires into the opener, and reset the opener and make fresh setup, with generic bus intercom. Let me know, if it works.

freut mich dass es bei dir funktioniert.
Ich hab versucht das genauso zu verkabeln wie beschrieben, nur leider wirkt es noch nicht.
Darf ich dich um ein Foto deiner BT-344392 zu machen, damit Ichs mit meiner vergleichen kann (auch was die jumper-einstellungen angeht).
Danke dir!
LG Jörg

I also tried that one. now the bt-344292 is ringing but not opening.