Swagger.json: syntactic and schemantic errors

Hey people,
I have used code generation tools to generate code from your swagger.json (https://api.nuki.io/static/swagger/swagger.json).
I noticed at least one syntax error. In account/user.get, you use “int” for offset and limit, but it should be “integer”.
Also there is at least another error where the actual behavior differs from the swagger.json. There is this definition called ObjectId. It has several properties. But in the actual API, it is just a string. That would break auto generated clients. I didn’t notice at first because the property is often omitted and only present when you just made an update to a resource. So I noticed too late in production.
It would be nice, especially for people starting new integrations, to have those problems fixed upstream.

If anyone should run into the same problem, I build a workaround in https://github.com/leonnicolas/nupin/blob/1a4e322712cffa52c0e60093c4ba57719c607d97/Makefile#L18. I fixed the “int” with a sed and the ObjectId problem with a json patch. In this project, I only use two endpoints of the web API, so maybe there are more issues.


Sorry for the delay in response.
Thanks for reporting the bug, and we have forwarded it to our development team to fix it in the API.