Support half lock

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Smart Lock 3.0


Some doors can be locked by one (half lock) and two key (full lock) turns


Would be great to be able to specify how the door should be locked (half/full)


Fob range is short and Samrt Lock is slow at unlocking, so, i.e at day is faster to unloack a door that is only half locked, where at night is safer to user full locking

This is already supported by switching to 1x locking (360 degrees) in the Smart Lock administration.

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i’m using the web api and the configuration returned has:

[totalDegrees] => 938

how can i know what’s the proper value for 1x locking ?

[totalDegrees] does not change when i set 1x locking (360 degrees) in the Smart Lock administration, always has the same value

also, [singleLock] is always false

Your are mixing a few things here.

This is the total range as it was measured by the calibration procedure.

Yes, because the calibration did not change and it is still 938 degrees for a full lock.

I guess this is because you did not wait long enough. It can take up to 24h until an config change on the Smart Lock done by the mobile App, makes it into Nuki Web. You can force a sync in Nuki Web by clicking on the appropriate link on the Smart Lock view or change the settings right within Nuki Webs Smart Lock Administration page.

I ned to have [singleLock] jhave the real value by using the APi without having to wait 24h or do any manual action, is there any way to get fresh data ?

@David_Saez You can force an update on all cached config data with

POST /smartlock/{smartlockId}/sync

Only keep in mind that this is a complete sync which wakes up the device for some seconds and therefore should not be overused to not strain the batteries too much.