Support for Samsung SmartThings

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0


Official integration with Samsung SmartThings


Lock, Unlock, Unlatch, Lock & Go, Door State


In the absence of support for ZigBee, SmartThings support would enable users who intended to use the lock with SmartThings to do so.


Enable users of Samsung SmartThings to integrate all of their devices into a single app for ease of use and expanded automation capabilities.

There appear to be two 3rd party solutions.

There is this one

which appears to be free.

There is also this one

which is not free. It states it was written by RBoys with official help and approval of Nuki.

So, it seems Nuki rather than providing an official integration themselves which we might have expected to be free have instead handed responsibility to a professional Smartthings developer who makes his living selling Smartthings handlers. Now one cannot really complain RBoys is charging for his work, this is how he makes a living but it does suggest laziness by Nuki in not doing their own.

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We support the SmartThings integration from Nuki Smart Lock 4th Generation onwards, via Matter.