Support device name change over Bridge HTTP API

Product name

Nuki Bridge, Nuki Smart Lock, Nuki Opener


Provide a means to set and change a Nuki Smart Lock or Nuki Opener name through the Bridge HTTP API.


Provide a /lockConfig endpoint, with parameters nukiId, deviceType, and name. In future, this endpoint might support other configuration settings, e.g. enabling the Door Sensor on the Smart Lock.


I’m creating a Homebridge plugin to expose to HomeKit the Smart Lock, Door Sensor, and Opener over Wifi. I want to sync the device names between HomeKit and the Nuki app.


A user would update the service name in HomeKit. The Nuki app would then reflect the updated name.

Just for info. There are already two homebridge plugins existing. Mine at homebridge-nukiio and the one from @lukasroegner at homebridge-nuki. They both work very well :wink:

Thanks, Markus. Yes, I’ve seen these, even before deciding to buy the Nuki. I want a zero-configuration plugin and to play around with the Nuki API, so decided to make my own. Guess I need to get a life…

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ok, anyway, don’t hesitate to add feature requests or even provide pull requests to existing ones ,-)