Strangely wired URMET 1130/12

Hi guys,

my URMET 1130/12 is really strangely wired. There are only two two wires coming from the wall. The rest of the Ports is just bridget. I tried all variations from the instructions within the nuki app but didn’t manage to get a signal to the buzzer or any interaction with the house whatsoever. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot


Oh yeah that looks funny! It’s a analogue intercom, but wired in a way, to use it on a digital two bus system, or a very rare two wire analogue system! Please take a isolated wire, and take some isolation from both ends, then hold one end on a screw where is a wire or bridge, and the other end to a other one, and try to find earth and opening, what is when the opening goes on in the moment you hold the wire on the two screws! When you find the two, its analogue, if not its digital, and you know what wiring makes sense to try!