STR WF 32 opener

Hi all,

I’m trying to connect my opener with a STR WF32 . . .

  • According to the Support I need to connect the blue cable to pin2 and the purple one to pin 3.
    Between the pins I have 20V. If I open directly with the STR32 it goes down to ~9V (and the door opens)
    If I open in the app the voltage goes down to zero but the door doesn’t open.
  • Softwareversions are the current ones
  • All connections are working
  • Rewiring done several times
  • Reconfiguration done several times

Does anybody has an idea?

Best regards

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Nice to read. I have the same issue, it’s not working.
I’m quite sure there is something wrong or missing in this.
For example, if I put the speaker on, the only way to stop it directly is to use the unlock button.
But when I open via Nuki, the speaker stops but come back. And door never open.
Also, I had the ring on the app only once…
Since months I’m trying things but nothing.

What you says here is interesting.

Are we sure that position 4 shouldn’t be used?