Stop locking during night mode if door is open

I have Nuki Lock 3.0 Pro and door sensor. I have night mode configured to lock my garage door at night. However, sometimes I forget to shut the door. However night mode would still lock the door even if it is open (not shut). Is there a way to prevent lock from locking if door is clearly open?


You can deactivate that the door gets locked when night mode starts and activate auto-lock in night mode. This will lock the door once it is closed or the auto-lock time after night mode has started when the door was already closed before.

Thanks Jurgen for the hint. I’ll give a try. I disabled Lock Door, but enabled Auto-Lock. I’ll see if door gets locked automatically when auto-lock time starts when the door was already closed. If it does, then it achieves exactly what I needed. Though I would never guess this solution myself if it wasn’t for you to suggesting it. So may be a UI improvement could make it more clear for those other users too.

Unfortunately your solution doesn’t work. If door was closed before Night Mode started then when Night Mode starts it doesn’t lock automatically.

Just to be clear, what I want is that when Night Mode starts door locks if it was closed or if it was open at the time Night Mode started then it doesn’t lock until door is closed sometime later or never if it stays open throughout the night until Night Mode is over.

Is there a way to achieve it?

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No one knows, why they like to lock open doors :slight_smile:

@Juergen any further ideas on this?

No, not for the time beeing.

Looks like activating the auto-lock timer when auto-lock gets activated (by the user or automatically e.g. because of night mode starting) when the door is currently unlocked, is the missing feature you’re looking for.

The other one would be to not execute auto-lock operations when the door is reported as open (which has the con that if the door sensor does not work properly, the door will not be locked at all.).

Well, this is why it would be best to have it configurable if you want the door to lock even if sensor says it is unlocked or not. Please let me know if this feature becomes available. Thank you.

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Yes, this would be the feature I’d like to have. Let the user decide if autolock or lockandgo lock the door after the specified time also if the doorsensor reports open.

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