Sometimes the callbacks of the Nuki Bridge and/or IFTTT are late


I set up IFTTT notifications and my own notification service in NodeJS running in my local network.
The IFTTT notifications are coming with some delay and sometimes messages are missing. If the door was closed before and I leave, I expect that I get a door open message and a door closed message. Sometimes it works but sometimes I only got a single message. Then I need to check the state of the door in the Nuki App. The door was always closed and shown correctly in the Nuki App.

I assumed that running the notification service by myself on the local network would be more reliable. So I set up a simple NodeJS service that sends a notification whenever all callback from the Nuki Bridge HTTP-API comes in. The result is late and missing notifications. For example the log in the Nuki App shows an entry at 09:30PM. The callback was called hours later at 03:44AM.

How can I get these notification more reliable?


Many os us have the same problem. Maybe you could update this feature request: Add user to bridge HTTP API notifications that I think could solve you problem as well.

Such big delay would hint to the bridge only getting the status change from the Smart Lock so late. Did you notice any problem with the Smart Lock being shown “offline” from remote when this happened?
Anyway if this is the case you should still see the correct timestamp in a /list command e.g.

Which firmware ist currently running on your bridge?