Some information about the unability to lock a smart lock in Google Assistant routines


In the announcement post about the Google Assistant integration, me and some others have noticed it is not possible to lock the Nuki smart lock using the lock function of the routines, under Control home devices section. We have to add a custom action and type "lock " else the lock action is not made at all.

After trying to switch my Google Assistant language to English and execute my routine, the order is made.
In fact Google only made this function to work in English.
If I switch-back to French, the action is not made again.
Language discrimination looks like usual for Google developers. So be careful when thinking a function is working, it is not always the case even if it is provided in the interface.
I sent multiple feedback via apps and using my Nest mini, nothing is moving. I also contacted “Made by Google” support using Messenger and mail, they cannot do anything.

Maybe if we are enough to ask it for more language they will do it but it is not sure at all.

I contacted Nuki support but the only answer I had is we cannot do anything as it is on the Google side. Contacting Google would be very good.

I hop it will help some people to understand why their lock is not locked even if they use the function provided in routines interface. For Google there is no problem to have only decorative functions and it is not a security concern even if we talk about a smart lock.
Could Nuki ask Google to remind there are other languages than English please,?
Fortunately Nuki provide functionalities to allow them to be sure all is OK (auto-lock) but it might be better if everything worked on Google side.

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