Smoobu Integration - Codes lost and/or not visible in

We recently introduced to deliver opener-codes to bookings and have two issues:

We had an issue when an opener code was disabled while the booking was still active (at the day of departure 7:02 an automated message was sent to the guest that his code was no longer valid while check-out time is 11 am)
If I add an opener code via IOS app it is working but invisible in

Please have a look at these issues.


Hi Florian!

Is the code still on the device so you can check the time-restriction there?
and regarding code created via iOS. Did you try to do a “Update now” request in Nuki Web to see if authorzations are then synced correctly?

Hi Stephan,

The code disapeared from the device and is no longer visible (so are time restrictions). The following message was sent:

Nuki Zugang abgelaufen für Smoobu Buchung 5208950

Hallo xxxx xxxx!
Deine Nuki Zutrittsberechtigung für die folgende Unterkunft ist

The “update now” request solved the second issue.

Authorizations are automatically deleted after departure day to keep the storage free. - Which also means it’s trickier to debug this later. :neutral_face:
In general only status changes are synched immediately from Smart Lock/Opener to the Server. Authorization changes can take up to 24 hours, but you can always force a manual sync with “update now”.