Smartwares VD60 and Nuki Opener

Hello Nuki Team and Forums,

i have a Smartwares VD60 in my flat.ürsprechanlagen/dp/B00MWW445G

I can use Generic Bus with the Nuki Opener and everythink works fine - except the Door unlock.

What information do you need, to adapt the system and how can i help?

Current Config:

  • Video (Yellow) - unnused
  • Audio (White) - Nuki Green and Orange
    -Bus + (Red) - unnused
    -Bus - (Black) - Nuki Black

i unpluged the original Audio and connected it to the clamp with red and yellow from nuki.

It detects both ring and opener when triggered, but it cannot repeat those open gesture.

Have the same question. Maybe there is a possibilty to use the smartwares VD60 with the Nuki opener.
Would really appreciate that.

Friendly reminder :wink:

Any update? :sweat_smile:

I have the same question here, the Smartwares VD60 also seems to be sold as Elro VD60, which I have in my house. I’m looking into using the Nuki Opener… are there any updates?