Smartlock often offline when trying to open it

I am finding that I often get home, and when I open the app it says my smart lock is offline. I have to then wait about 30 seconds and it will show online and I can open it with the app - does anyone else have this issue or know what might cause it?

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iOS or Android?

How long do you have your nuki? Because at the beginning I had this to, but its going away after a little while!? Except you try to open with a Smartwatch, this is to now not really working!?

It happen son both iOS and Android. It happened a lot, then it stopped but now it has come back again.

This runs mostly over Bluetooth, is your lock in good sight of the bridge!?

Yes - they are probably a metre or so way from each other so I don’t think this should be an issue.

I experience same problems like Harry. Sometimes app shows ‘offline’ then I try a minute later than it is online and can open.
In other thread (Smart Lock offline - #38 by Pawel), I read that it could have something with adblocker or custom DNS on phone… but right now I can’t check it, cos I am away.

Distance between Nuki, Bridge and Router is minimal, everything in same room (hall).

Accu optimization is turned off for the app in android, and the foreground service is activated in the nuki app?

I have adblocker and DNS, and no issues, but of course I take the nuki app on the whitelist of these services for no interference, and have you disabled all accu optimization for the nuki app in Android, and enabled the foreground service in the nuki app!?

I’ll double check all these but I think they are all correct. Also, this happens on my wife’s phone (iOS) as well as my phone (Android) so I don’t think it is a phone issue…?