Smartlock action returns 204 but in logs in appears entries with "device busy"

Hi everyone.
I apologise for my english, because It’s not my first language.
Here is my “problem”:
We are doing an integration with nuki smatlocks using both API and Bluetooth.
We have found an strange case, and we think there may be a problem with the response of the API in the endpoint smartlock/{id}/action/{action}
Here is the scenario:
We send a request to the API to operate.
Almost at the same time we send the same an operation using bluetooth.
The API responds with 204 and everything seems ok. The smartlock does the operation OK.
If we check the log for the smartlock in there are some entries with the error “Dispositivo ocupado”: that’s “Device busy” in spanish.

Should the API have responded with an error code instead of 204 if the device was indeed busy as it seems by looking at the log at

Thanks in advance


Please note that API requests are asynchronous, thus, you will receive the response 204 for POST /smartlock/{smartlockId}/action. This means that your request was received from our servers.

If you want an immediate response with the Smart Lock States you would need to register webhooks PUT /api/decentralWebhook. Keep in mind that you have to apply for an Advanced API in Nuki Web to be able to use webhooks. Then you would also get the logs with “device busy” as stated in chapter 4.2.4 of our Nuki Web API Webhooks documentation.