Smartlock 3.0 pro auto unlock

@Juergen Hi, I state that I have iOS 15.2 beta, I know that the auto unlock problem has not yet been solved. Today I replaced the Smartlock 2.0 with bridge with the 3.0 pro and the autounlock does not unlock the lock even those few times it comes into operation. I also have an Opener and when the function is activated I can open the main door but the front door, although the autounlock release is active, does not work. I connected it via integrated wifi while the Opener is always connected with a bridge. Does anyone have the same problem or have any ideas about it? tx

Without knowing more details it is hard to help. The Auto-Unlock Map and “last Auto-Unlock” report will tell you what went wrong. For iOS15 users there is a specific sub forum. If you want access to it, follow the instructions mentioned here: iOS 15 Update: Effects on the Nuki app and Auto Unlock - Nuki

Tx. I follow the instruction also for 2.0 but auto unlock it’s ok in 20% of the time. In this case, however, when it works and I am notified of the possibility of its use, when I approach the door nothing happens even if the auto unlock is correctly enabled. (Seems bluetooth not work…).
Would it be possible to enable auto unlock when Wi-Fi is detected and not Bluetooth?