Smart Look 4 Pro, Doorbird and the Fingerprint Sensor

Hey, I really need your help with the setup of a 4th generation Nuki and a Doorbird with the fingersensor.

I want to open the nuki with my finger, really easy.

But I just can’t manage to define the appropriate HTTPS call. Since the 4th generation doesn’t have a bridge either, I don’t know if it works at all.

Would this be the right call url?


Hello @einfachtimo,

based on the guide provided by us ( and DoorBird ( the integration works only using the Nuki Bridge, as the Smart Lock does not offer the Nuki Bridge API itself.

If the support with the DoorBird fingerprint reader is also working in the proposed setup has not been verified by us so far. Would be great if you can report back if you got it working.

In general, this is a developer related forum. If you happen further questions feel free to reach out to our support team (

Okay, i just organized the Bridge. Whats the most easiest way to open the lock via url? i just can enter an http link for the finger printer…

Please refer to the Nuki Bridge HTTP-API for further information: Bridge HTTP-API - Nuki Developers

Take care,