Smart lock with door knob: separate "unlock" and "open" function

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Smart lock


My door has a knob on the outside instead of a door handle. So I needed to activate the appropriate option in the app which unlocks the door and then turns the key a bit more to open it.
Problem is, my smartphone could unlock the door unintentioned (and unnoticed) by me when in my bag with other stuff or in my pocket. The door would be not just unlocked but also open.


It would be better to make it a two-step process - one button to unlock the door and another one to open it.


I would need this feature because it already happened with other apps on my smartphone which were activated while I had it in my pocket, like making calls or activate a siren. A door which has been opened remote and unintentioned when I am far away - not just unlocked - is a real security threat.

I Agree with the user above. Below was my written post that I almost posted but found this first.

Problem: Currently, when the Smart Lock is set to knob mode, unlocking the door always unlatches it, which may not always be desired. For instance, when expecting guests or deliveries, one may only want to unlock the door without allowing access to the house. This is not currently possible, as unlocking the door on knob mode always results in unlatching.

Suggestion: Introduce a new feature that allows users to unlock the door without unlatching it, even when the lock is set to knob mode. This can be achieved by adding a new option to the existing actions - Unlock and Unlock without Unlatching. Users can then choose which action to perform depending on their needs.


  1. Enhanced Security: By providing the option to unlock without unlatching, users can keep their home secure even when expecting guests or deliveries, or want to walk in and out several times. This feature would ensure that the door remains closed until they are ready to open it manually or with the unlatch operation.
  2. Convenience: Unlocking without unlatching would be more convenient for users who do not want to physically go to the door to let someone in. For instance, if a user is expecting a guest, they can unlock the door using their app, but without unlatching it, allowing the owner give access to the home on the exactly time.
  3. Customizability: This feature would give users more control over the Smart Lock, allowing them to customize their settings according to their specific needs.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Unlocking without unlatching would also help to maintain the energy efficiency of the home. For example, if a user has to go in and out several times, the unlatch operation would be more energy efficient as you are not turning the key all the way in and out everytime. Also improves durability.

Overall, introducing the option to unlock without unlatching would provide users with increased privacy, better access control, enhanced safety, energy efficiency, as well as convenience, customizability, and security benefits. This feature would make the Smart Lock a more versatile and valuable device for a wide range of users.

There is already an option to unlock without unlatch:

If the door is NOT locked (only closed), there is an option to open it. But if the door is locked, there is only one option available which unlocks and opens the door afterwards. No?

Please post a screenshot of the setting for the door (type with doorknob) to only unlock, not open. I cannot find it.

No. There are always 4 options.

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Sorry. I didn’t know only developers are allowed to submit requests to make nuki products more user-friendly.

I was not referring to the feature request, but to your question about posting a screenshot and helping you out. Feature requests that improve the usability are of course fine.