Smart Lock user management via Matter

Does (or will) the Smart Lock (gen 4, non-Pro) support the Matter specification features for user management ? Will it require purchasing “Remote Access via Thread” ? Will it require the firmware update that is announced for “early 2024” ?

As a home automation enthousiast I run Thread border router software and Matter controller software both on Raspberry Pi. I have read the Matter 1.2 Application Cluster Specification. I will want to send commands like “Set User Status” (0x09) from my controller software to the Smart Lock. My question is in support of my purchasing decision. (I won’t need Matter integration into other fabrics for Amazon/Google/Apple/etc.)

No, it currently does not support those commands.

No. This is only needed if you want to use the Nuki Apps & Services from remote via Thread.
It has no impact on Matter features or remote access that a connected Matter hub might provide through his own frontends (e.g. Apple Home App).

The firmware in early 2024 is supposed to upgrade the Smart Lock to Matter 1.2 and include support for the unbolt feature (= unlock without pulling the latch) on firmware side.

Please note that we do not comment about planned features or our roadmap here in the forum. I.e. we can’t tell you if the requested feature is ever going to come and/or when.

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For those interested : Nuki’s implementation of Matter is the bare minimum required for standard compliance. I just commissioned a generation 4 for use with my custom controller. I see that only the Mandatory features/attributes/events from the Matter Application Cluster Specification are supported. This comes down to : lock/unlock commands, notification of lock/unlock events, notification of a small set of alarms/errors (lock jammed, battery depleted), and battery percent status. The spec includes many more optional features which I hope will be supported in the future.