Smart Lock return

I have the same issue.
With the additional difficulty that I live hundred of miles away from the apartment , so that I cannot be all the time close to it to restart/etc, or ask someone to help me whenever there is a problem (which currently is too often as the it goes off line every other day). I bought it as a support for my Airbnb rentals, but it is giving more trouble than help.
Is it possible to return the Nuki Keypad Combo (Incl bridge and keypad) and be reimbursed? I’m afraid I lost confidence on the bridge, and I bought it only because of it as I must manage access to the apartment from abroad.

Good evening. Just to be more exact. I bought the Nuki Keypad Combo on Mar 30, 2019 through Amazon Germany and took it to Brazil in April, when I installed it in the apartment which I rent via Airbnb. While I was there (till end of April), I had no issues, as I always used the keypad and my password on it (i.e. did not really used the app, so never really checked if lock was on or offline). I’m now back to Europe and the lock has been too often offline, not allowing me to remotely create passwords. And this is the only reason why I bought it: ability to manage access remotely. The lock goes off and online randomly. Today I have kindly asked my brother to go to the apartment to check what was happening and unplug the bridge and plug it again, to see if it would work (and it worked), but I cannot be dependent on a third party every time I have a problem. The product is therefore not fulfilling my needs. Can I return it (It would be mailed from Brazil to Europe, which would not be cheap either…), and be refunded? Would this be feasible? Thank you.

Please contact our support via phone or for direct help on problem on your problem or a return.

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