Smart Lock / Position detection - Potential bug

Hi, Few days back , door was opened automatically/Unexpected by itself (Nuki 3 pro), could see in activity log “Smart Lock /Position detection” ,I’ve opened a Ticket: (213565) , still waiting for answer , wonder if it a known issue and what can be done to avoid it in the future , as looks like serious issue


Same issue since this afternoon. Tnx for any feedback.

Same here. Twice between 12 hours.

Same issue on 23rd of August
Position detection (door was no opened)
As I wanted to check what happened Nuki was shown offline in the app!
After a while this state didn’t change so I pulled the battery pack out ant back in.
Since then normal behavior.

same here… nuki support is not responding.


recently an update for the Nuki servers has been rolled out which caused the Smart Lock 3.0 Pros to reboot (and perform a position detection run in rare cases). We are aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix. We will inform you as soon as a fixed version is available via the Beta channel for the Smart Lock 3.0 (

Please be aware that the position detection run is always locking the door and then moving the Smart Lock back to the position where it actually started, therefore the door is newer unlocked in such scenario.

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Since yesterday evening, I am experiencing many “position detections” on my 3.0 Pro with activated WiFi module.

Deactivating internal WiFi has solved the issue so far but I keep on monitoring.

Troubleshooting so far:

  • reboot smart lock
  • following connection troubleshooting (reboot lock + smartphone)
  • installing an additional wifi repeater close to smart lock (distance between router (FB 7590) and lock approx. 5m)
  • deactivate internal WiFi module

Bug? Feature? Broken lock?

Best regards,

Edit: 27 0913 AUG

It seems that a loss of WiFi connection or unstable connection to nuki servers triggers the position detection. I have unplugged the repeater close to the smart lock → unstable connection to servers and position detection.

I can’t imagine, that the 3.0 Pro’s wifi module has such bad antennas that it is facing connectivity issues within a distance of 5m to router

Had the same issue 5 times in the last days - during the day and at night

I am not sure it is related to connection instability.
I had it installed one month ago and my router loses internet connectivity quite frequent but this behavior occured only since yesterday (Aug 26th)!!!

I can confirm it only locks and return to initial position… but imagine the discomfort of this hapenning in the middle of the night… or at small hours in the morning :(((
It woke me, my wife and my kid up twice last night.

Happened just now as I am writing this and now there is no internet or wifi issue :frowning:
It makes 4 times in less than 24 hours.

Please find fast a solution!!


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Hi Everyone,

Just created an account to emphasize this topic.

I’m having the same issue since Monday this week (August 22nd). Since then, the position detection routine is triggered every 5-15 minutes - non stop! This is really a dealbreaker since my airbnb hosts will hear the lock movement all the time. It also will drain the battery pretty fast. Removing the battery and restarting did not help.

Is there any proper solution to this?

If it is caused server-side I would strongly ask the Nuki dev team to provide a bugfix as soon as possible. Can you please give an update on this?

Thank You,


Nuki. Please fix this ASAP.
It happens about 10 times every day now.
It drains the battery.
Rgds Kåre


Same here!
Starts getting annoying and drains the battery.
Fix needed!

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Disabling built-in wifi is the only solution that worked so far for me. Not sure this is viable for you running an airbnb.

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From a few days, I have same problem. ALL THE DAY!!!

Is anyone of the developers actually working on that?? Support just asked me to stay patient until a next firmware update… no ETA -.-

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Our team is currently working on a fix for this issue, we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this unpleasant behavior.

In the meantime I’m kindly asking you to give me quick vote on which firmware version you are currently running on your Smart Lock.

  • older than 3.2.8
  • 3.2.8 Release
  • 3.3.x Beta
  • 3.3.5 Release
  • 3.4.x Beta

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Please let me additionally know if you want to join the beta group as there will be a more stable version available soon. To do so simply send me your Nuki ID via private message.

Thanks for your patience.

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Unfortunately, the beta doesn’t fix it. In contrast, position detection increased up to all 3 minutes

Is there a possibility to downgrade?

No, once you are on beta you cannot go back to official firmware.

That cannot be true (hopefully).
Usually, downgrading is a common option.

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