Smart Lock - no notification for low power in App

The batteries recently ran out.

I did not get a notification that the batteries are low. All notifications are enabled for the app in iOS`s settings.

iOS 13.2.2
Nuki Smart Lock 2.6.3

Also it seems like the lock disconnects from Nuki Web often and I then have to enter the credentials again in the section ‘Administration --> Benachrichtigungen Verwalten’.

Also when I enter the geofence I get an audio and vibration alert but no banner / message shows up on the phone. I would like to disable that.


I also have the battery problem.
If the power level is low i not receive a notification.
I use normal Duracell Plus Batteries and in the app i set also Alkali Batteries.
Nevertheless i don‘t receive the dedicated message on my iphone 7 and XS.
I note this issue from purchase (may) to now with all softwares, also the Beta versions.

I also have had this issue with no notification in app that batteries are almost or total empty. Also since beginning of my journey with nuki.

Today I noticed that my lock was shown as “not connected” in Nuki Web. When I went through the association-process in the iOS app it told me that the lock is already enabled for Nuki Web.

I removed the lock from Nuki Web and re-associated it. I hope that that will have solved my issue.