Smart Lock Firmware 3.5.x Beta

Auto-Unlock is fully BLE and client (= your mobile phone) based and has nothing to do with WIFI or the connectivity of the Smart Lock.

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[Smart Lock Firmware 3.5.2]


  • I have also issue on AutoUnlock sometime on this version 3.5.2, before this feature worked very well.

  • An other hand, when i restart the smartlock my wifi signal quality indicate 15, but after one nukiweb call this value indicate 2 and does not change until the next reboot.


Where do you get this WIFI signal quality from?

@Juergen : In intagrated wifi, after 7 press on network

First time use of a beta 3.52., coming from 3.3.5 for the 3.0 Pro.

  • Wifi connection is stronger than with 3.3
  • quicker info on Connection status, protokoll via iOS app
  • no longer issues with WebAPI when opening the unlocked door with just the latch (in 3.3.5 many times the Nuki started to lock the door after 2sek.)
    So far Thumbs up!

Firmware 3.5.3 has just been released into beta. It stabilizes the WiFi connection in most of our testing setups significantly. Please give it a go and report back in this thread any experiences.

It might not solve the problems with some Unifi setups where the Smart Lock does not reconnect to Wifi anymore after some time. If you are affected and your Smart Lock does not automatically reconnect, please try to access it via BLE, unlock the door via button or manually by turning the knob on the Smart Lock and check if it comes back online after it (All 3 things will initiate an immediate WiFi reconnect attempt).

How long does it take for the firmware to be available? My Nuki pro reports the firmware is up-to-date and I’m at 3.4.9

Sorry, I thought it was a GA firmware. I’m not at the beta channel with the lock.

Just installed it. I’m one of the users with a Unifi setup that can not keep a stable connection. I’ll keep an eye out the next couple of days and report back here.

Here to confirm that this firmware indeed does not solve the networking issues on my unifi network. Forcing a reconnect doesn’t always work as well as the problem I’m seeing is not that it doesn’t try to reconnect but it aborts setting up the connection apparently due to not being able to connect to the SSE server. I’m also worried about the bad signal when it’s actually connected which could be hardware related.

Other then the WiFi issues the MQTT functionality is great. If i could depend on it, it would simplify my home setup in both hardware as software.

Please cannu add me to thw Beta Program?

New version 3.5.4 ?
What’s new in this version ?

Original post has been updated with release notes for the Smart Lock 3.0 Beta 3.5.4.

Please install this beta and share your experiences in terms of stability and the MQTT API (beta) here.

Installed the beta today (3.5.5) and configured the MQTT API. All went very smooth. Configuration in Home Assistant was also pretty easy with the script @MattDog_06 published on GitHub, thanks!

Only thing I noticed the battery dropped to 38% after installing the firmware, but now it is back at 75%.

Is still Smart Lock 3.0 Beta 3.5.5 available for download and install?
Yesterday my mobile application informed me about the new firmware, to day I tried to install it but now there is no available update. I´am on 3.5.3.

If battery detection is set to “auto” it might take some lock commands until the proper battery type is detected. An almost full power pack (75%) has the same voltage as half empty alkalis (38%).

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I have updated to 3.5.5 and I had to recalibrate the door sensor (1.1.2).
Calibration fails with en error message, that the magnet is not in a good position. But… there were no changes in the setup.
I reset the door sensor and reactivated a couple of times … the sensor is recognized but no calibration possible.
the recalibration is needed because after some weeks of flawless operation the sensor started again to send frequent messages: door open-door closed some 20 in a couple of minutes…

any idea of fixing the issue?

I just enrolled to the beta program but i’m only seeing the 3.5.1 version. Got the other versions pulled?

Some Feedback for 3.5.5.

After about two flawless weeks the Auto-Lock feature does no longer work reliably.
Door sensor notices the opening/closing of the door but it is no longer locked after the delay of 30 minutes.

Not sure if it is related, but the Keypad 2.0 also needs longer and fingerprints are not recognized more often.

Mqtt reports perfectly fine.

Just one of my locks was affected, the one with the keypad and far more lock actions.
After a restart (pulling battery) the auto lock seems to be working again without any configuration change.

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How do I activate MQTT when using the 3.5.5 beta?
I can’t find any reference in the settings.
I requested to join the private mqtt group Mqtt (closed group) - Nuki Developers more than 2 weeks ago but got still not accepted. Is there something I’m missing? :slight_smile:
Would be very nice to use some of the lock status to control my lights over mqtt.

You will need:
the beta firmware
a broker in your local lan which is accessible through mqtt.local
username is nuki
password is sha256 hash of your wifi password, you may find the hash through this github project: SHA256 Online

Edit: and you need to set your lock to debug mode.